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Obituary for Kanaiya Gandhi

Kanaiya Gandhi, 58, of Brampton passed away peacefully on February 4th.

Born in Surat, India, Kanaiya was the youngest of seven children to parents Natverlal and Umiyaben Gandhi. He was affectionately called Kana and Kano by family and friends, and Gandhi by his coworkers. Kanaiya had many quirks that made him a memorable person with a heart of gold.

Always aspiring to reach new heights, Kanaiya came to Canada at the age of 21, after being sponsored by sister Ansuya and brother-in-law Dilip Brahmania. Kanaiya worked diligently to further his students in electrical engineering, in Regina and Toronto. In 1990, Kanaiya married Minal Mehta, from Surat, to whom he remained married for 31 years until his passing.

Together, Kanaiya and Minal embarked on a new life in Toronto and were unstoppable. Kana & Minal were always seen together, often discussing how they could progress. Following the birth of their daughters Shivani (1995) and Radhika (1997), Kana & Minal moved into their first home in Brampton so their children would have a safe and enriching childhood with ample space to run around like kids. Those who met Kanaiya knew that he was devoted to his family. Everything he did was for the well-being of his wife and daughters. He loved music, movies, all tasty foods, and parties. He was always laughing and presenting jokes that he read in the Indian newspaper. He was the life of every party, simply by being himself, and he loved entertaining guests.

When with the girls, Kana loved challenging them to daily Sudoku competitions. He encouraged them to reach for the stars and helped them accomplish anything their hearts desired. He loved going on long drives and walking along Port Credit with his family. Forget about making him sit in the back seat–he wanted to be upfront where the scenery and music were best. Kana often found joy in the simplest tasks and chores–even doing the groceries turned into a 4-hour fun-filled excursion with him!

Gandhi was highly dedicated and poured his heart and soul into his work at Decoustics for 26 years. He was proud of his job and truly loved it. He would always explain the intricacies of his work with sheer enthusiasm and show pictures of completed buildings. His empathetic nature and bravery led him to advocate for himself and others.

Kana truly believed in seizing every opportunity and living every moment to the fullest. Even on his days off, Kana was an early riser–he just loved the morning atmosphere and sun. He has a strong desire to travel and created countless good memories on vacations with family and friends. He loved taking pictures of himself and others, often asking people to strike in a variety of different, and sometimes silly, poses. Even when he wasn’t travelling himself, Kana loved watching travelling videos while basking in the sun. He enjoyed watching TV, especially shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Everybody Loves Raymond, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters and Spongebob Squarepants (yes, he loved cartoons!). Dad also enjoyed watching the same news segments two hours in a row to make sure he understood all details.

Kanaiya often spent time doing seva at the Mandir. His kindness knew no bounds, as with his generosity. Kanaiya’s genuine willingness to help strangers and kin alike was a rare quality. His simplicity and jovial nature made him memorable, even through brief conversations.

During the last few years of his life, he truly enjoyed driving from Brampton to London, Ontario, to pick up and drop off his daughters at University. His love of shopping shined through when he took them to the mall whenever he stopped by. He didn’t just shop for himself–he loved shopping for others. He was overjoyed to have as much time with his family as possible.

Kanaiya was predeceased by his parents Natverlal and Umiyaben Gandhi, brother Sailesh, and sister Kaushaliya Mehta. He is survived by his wife, Minal, daughters Shivani and Radhika, siblings Arunchandra (Champaben) Gandhi, brother-in-law Niranjanlal Mehta, Ansuya (Dilip) Brahmania, Sumitra (Yogeshkumar) Mehta, Ramchandra (Rekhaben) Gandhi, sister-in-law Jyotiben Gandhi and countless cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Kanaiya’s service will be broadcasted through the link below. Friends and family wishing to remember him are strongly encouraged to do a good deed, pay it forward, and donate to any organization in need. Kanaiya often donated to SickKids Foundation, The War Amps, and local food banks. Although gone too soon, Kanaiya has made an everlasting impression on everyone he has ever met. He will forever reside in our hearts–always missed but never forgotten.